Baton Rouge host of Syndicate Hunting accused of illegal Alaskan hunts

A Baton Rouge man who hosted the Sportsman Channel’s Syndicate Hunting has been accused of illegal hunts in Alaska and has reportedly been let go from the show, according to online reports.

Lance David Walker, 37, faces two misdemeanor charges for violating the Lacey Act, a conservation law prohibiting the sale of illegally taken wildlife, according to the Alaska Dispatch News of Anchorage.



Mississippi state-record alligator snagged, dragged to boat

The Mississippi state record for the heaviest alligator was set last night in the wee hours of opening of the 2014 hunting season when three buddies killed a 756-pounder hunting in the state’s Southwest Zone.

The beastly gator broke the record set last year by a 741.5-pounder killed by a Madison hunter.

And remember: These alligators have to be snagged manually (no set lines) and dragged to the boat to be dispatched.


Deer of the Year

Slidell hunter kills 155-inch buck on Thanksgiving hunt

Thomas Carbone is glad his family stayed true to its Thanksgiving tradition — big dinner at the family home in Slidell followed by naps, football and ….

“Then all the guys leave and go to our deer camp in Jefferson County up in Mississippi,” Carbone, 18, said. “We’ve always done it that way. It’s a tradition. Me, my dad (Tony Carbone) and my two grandfathers (Tommy Carbone and Jeff Volker), all went to the deer camp and the next morning I killed the biggest buck we’ve ever killed on the property.”