Good, Good, Good

Since the Robertson Clan has cornered the market on the phrase “Happy, happy, happy” (Papa Phil has even written a book by that name), I decided the title for my column this month would be “Good, good, good” in reference to the good things that have recently happened in our wildlife management program in Clinton. […]

Hog Hunting

Hog Doggin

Hog hunting the old fashion way, with dogs and a knife. Join Greg Hackney and crew as they head out with a group of Rednecks looking for wild hogs, not the movie, but the actual wild hogs. […]

Apex Predator

Recurve hog and bonus hog

My last article featured a hunt during which I chased down and shot two hogs. I was disappointed my camera was switched off when it happened. It just so happened when I least expected it a similar chase ensued while the film was rolling. […]