Long and Short

There are as many ways to catch crappie as there are names for the tasty fish. Some prefer dipping a cork and shiner in tree tops, some use nothing but jigs in open water, and still others rig up multi-pole “spider rigs” with both jigs and shiners to fish flats and deep holes.[…]


Pleasure at the Pump

I can remember when a quarter’s worth of gasoline would putt-putt you around the lake all day long. Today, you can’t motor away from the dock on a quarter’s worth of gas.[…]


Gain after Pain

Those who call Louisiana home are used to battling Mother Nature. Oppressive heat and humidity, hurricanes and the occasional ice storm are taken in stride as the price to pay for living in the Sportsman’s Paradise.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

D’Arbonne crappie thick in channel

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out when the crappie are biting in the channel at Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville. Drive across any of the bridges that cross the lake, and you’ll see boats lined up as far as the eye can see.[…]


Doughball Bluegill

We’ve all had our light-bulb moments. A challenge, dilemma or otherwise perplexing situation spurs our imagination and dips deep into the gravy bowl of creativity to bring up the tasty nuggets that make us shout, “I’ve got it!”[…]


Cotton-Picking Bluegills

If you’re going to catch the most and the biggest bluegills from any bluegill bed, you have to pick bluegills just like you pick cotton,” said Nathaniel Davis, an elderly outdoor friend who helped me learn to hunt and fish many years ago. “You know how to pick cotton, don’t you?”[…]