All in the Family

In a world full of eroded family ties, North Louisiana is a place where the true family spirit can still be found. This section of Louisiana that has been titled “Sportsman’s Paradise” by the Louisiana Office of Tourism could more aptly be called “Sports-family’s Paradise.” […]


Red-Hot Summer

Before turkey hunting totally messed up my mind, I always looked forward to spring and the opportunity to trailer my boat to a nearby lake to do battle with big, sway-bellied spawning bass, crappie hanging out around the roots of shallow cypresses or my favorite, finding a bed of bream. […]


The Patron Saint of Bream

The cricket skittered across the water’s surface, frantically trying to reach the nearest tree. Ripples that telegraphed its position to every fish within yards radiated from the insect with every kick of its legs.

The insect would pause every few inches, either to catch its breath or to allow the damning wavelets to dissipate. Then it would continue its voyage, drawing nearer to safe haven with every powerful surge.


Flooded Felines

The sky was a gorgeous dark grey — almost black — as we pounded into Breton Sound. Lovely little white caps topped the waves like frosting on chocolate cake, the swells between them heavily rippled by the savage gusts that had kicked up just seconds earlier. […]


Ain’t nothin like the almost-real thing

Crappie. White Perch. Sac-a-lait. Call them whatever you want, but in the Cormier household, we call them “dinner.” Nothing brings everyone to the table faster than a fresh-fried batch of these tasty critters.

For that reason, anytime I’m on the water and fishing sac-a-lait, I practice a different form of catch-and-release. I catch the sac-a-lait, then release them into my ice box. […]



Catfishing is one of Louisiana’s most popular pastimes. For generations, we have pursued Mr. Whiskers with traps, nets, yo-yos, rod and reel, and old-fashioned cane pole. Today, more and more fishermen are trying an old, but relatively unknown, method — jugging. […]


Child’s Play

Well, let’s try this again,” I said as Clay pushed the boat out from the muddy Dugdemona river bank. This was the second time in a week that my cousin Clay Scoggin, his son Jake and I had come here to participate in a North Louisiana springtime ritual: yo-yo fishing. […]