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  • Caney Lake anglers are like kids in a candy store
    Allen and Richard Anders indicate the Caney Lake lunker largemouth bite has turned on. Grass and the hydrilla is the key to catching fish.
  • Check out Black Lake this March
    March is a prime time to check out Black Lake, a close neighbor of Calcasieu Lake. It gives up speckled trout, redfish and flounder.
  • Chef Pass bass
    Avid angler Chris Macaluso loves to target Chef Pass bass this month, and he bases his whole approach on the weather conditions.
  • Seek the slicks at Sabine Lake
    Capt. Eric Ellison has got the knack for catching speckled trout on Sabine Lake. He said trout will start making slicks this month.
  • The March menu at Shell Beach and Hopedale
    Charter Captain Gabe Boudreaux of Bayou Boudreaux’s Charters said March means taking the longer run to the MRGO Rocks and beyond for big fish.
  • Toledo Bend’s March magic
    All bass don’t spawn at the same time, so there could be several weeks of peak spawning season on Toledo Bend.

Field Notes - March 2023