Features from July 2018

Columns - July 2018

  • Capt. Paul’s Fishing Edge of GPS Waypoints for Vermilion Bay
    The Vermilion Bay Fishing Edge consists of 205 different waypoint positions. Many locations were once land points or islands that are now submerged, in addition to other visible and key navigation spots. 
  • First cast
    When someone is interested in beginning kayak fishing, the standard advice is to demo several kayaks before deciding which one to buy. However, you still can’t truly get the feel of how a kayak performs under actual fishing conditions.
  • Game warden column: Try trapping hogs
    We’ve talked about hunting feral hogs to thin the herd. I don’t know about you, but I’m not much on summer hunting. The sweat tends to rust my rifle. So when the thermometer reaches into the 90s, I think it’s time to trap hogs. Summer is a good time for hog trapping for a few other reasons, as well. 
  • Hair today, bugs tomorrow
    If you love flies made with hair, then July is your lucky month. The second weekend of this month, the annual Contraband Fly Fishing Expo in Lake Charles will feature America’s premier deer hair tier, Pat Cohen.
  • How to age white-tailed deer: Part III
    Last month I wrote about the 1 ½-year-old age class, or yearling deer. The key that separates the yearling age class from the 2-year-old age class is the third premolar. Yearling deer have three temporary premolars that begin to break up and are shed when the deer is 17 to 18 months old.
  • LiveTarget’s Scaled Sardine Twitchbait
    A veteran saltwater fishing guide out of Sarasota, Florida, has an artificial bait that looks so much like the real thing, it’s irresistible to speckled trout, redfish and snook in the shallow waters he fishes along the coast.
  • Never too early for trail cams
    A question I was asked by a deer hunter the first week of June stands out as July rolls around. He wanted to know in what stage bucks’ antler growth would be, but the big question was, “Would it be worth it to put cameras up?” 
  • Some real ‘humdinger’ recipes
    Tony and Patricia Landry, residents of Donaldsonville, share recipes for Cajun Shrimp and Grits and Cupcake Oysters.
  • Take a good look at this new sight
    Each year at the Archery Trade Association’s trade show, there’s usually one new product that has the most “buzz” around the show.
  • Tarpon are quirky creatures
    For all their glitz and glamour, tarpon are very close to just being giant pogies (menhaden) that eat fish. They are really primitive beasts. On the evolutionary scale, they and their close cousins ladyfish and bonefish are just one step ahead of garfish and bowfin (choupique), but more primitive than eels, shad, sardines and pogies.

Outdoor Updates - July 2018

Field Notes - July 2018

  • Guide shares Top 3 tips to catch more tripletail
    Capt. Kris Robert targets tripletail around crab trap buoys. He shared three great tips to catch more fish this summer.
  • Inshore insights: My favorite redfish swimbait
    Everyone has their favorite lure. Usually it’s the lure they always catch fish on (duh), or maybe it’s one gifted to them by someone well-versed in inshore fishing, like their grandfather.
  • Sight-fishing support
    If Matrix Shad lure owner Chas Champagne is cruising through marsh and duck ponds sight-fishing for reds — but doesn’t actually spot any fish — he’s typically keeping a close eye out for two other reliable indicators of reds in the neighborhood.
  • Use ‘GOTWA’ to develop a game plan on the water
    There are a lot of concepts I learned during my time in Marine Reconnaissance that I still use today. In this article, I am going to share a favorite you can use to go fishing safely.

Hot Spots - July 2018

  • 3 keys to being Lucky in Leeville
    Veteran charter guide Bobby Gros, over at Bobby Lynn’s Marina in Leeville (985-637-0118), says the fishing is as hot as the weather this month.
  • Big bass fireworks on D’Arbonne
    It’s July — time for fireworks on Lake D’Arbonne in Union Parish.
  • Catch big bream on little Finch Lake
    It was a bad year for flooding on Finch Lake and the Ouachita River near the small community of Haile — so that means it’s a good year for big bream.
  • Fill the box at Cocodrie
    Catch two speckled trout at a time, before the heat of the day, then add a limit of redfish — now you’ve got the scenario for a day in the life of saltwater fishing guide Brady Giroir in July.
  • Nothing tops Toledo Bend bass fishing
    I can’t believe I’m already writing about midsummer bassin’ on Toledo Bend. The year is flying by, and it’s already time to talk about deep patterns that are effective in July.
  • Outer islands of Biloxi Marsh holding trout
    Capt. Bubby Lamy with In & Out Charters takes a lot of his speckled trout clients to areas like Isle au Pitre and Martin Island this time of year.
  • Rip lines provide lots of options out of Venice
    Summer is in full swing, and that means rip lines and red snapper.
  • Target spawning specks at Grand Isle
    July means another month for big spawning speckled trout in and around Grand Isle, and Capt. Mark Scardino with Hard Times Fishing Charters said bait selection couldn’t be any easier.
  • Three keys for Shell Beach specks
    Capt. Johnny Nunez, AKA the Fishing Magician (504-239-3159), was born and raised in Shell Beach and has spent his life pulling fish of every kind from the surrounding waters. When Nunez speaks, fishermen listen — and he told me the keys to speckled trout success this month are rocks, reefs and rigs.
  • Trout action should be ‘wide open’ out of Delacroix
    So it was a banner redfish day, one for the record books. I was aboard Capt. Mike Wittich’s boat, fishing with both he and Capt. Ron “Ahab” Broadus, on what was supposed to be a scouting trip.