Inshore Fishing

Shell Beach treasure trove

Fishing the marsh on a falling tide in November almost isn’t fair for the shrimp or the fish. Shrimp get sucked out of the marsh and are pulverized by speckled trout, while anglers can sit at the mouths of major bayous and sink the boat with specks. […]


Safety harnesses are essential

One of my most-vivid hunting memories was formed during a particularly windy day when I ratcheted up a tall, straight pine tree in what turned out to be a vain attempt — again — to ambush the buck my camp mates and I knew traveled what we dubbed The Narrow Strip. […]


Delacroix de’ja vu

De’ja vu. We get the expression from the French, and it means “already seen.” It’s the feeling that you’ve been there before, experienced something previously or seen the same thing on some former occasion. […]