Deer Hunting

200-inch Mississippi buck arrowed

It was fitting that Shane Ragon fell to his knees when he first put his hands on the massive antlers of the buck he killed Oct. 6 in the middle of a sweet potato field near his home in Calhoun County.

Heck, he was on both knees when he made the shot.

“I am not ashamed to tell you that I got very emotional when I grabbed those antlers and lifted them up and saw what I had done,” the 40-year-old Ragon said. “I cried. I laughed. I cried again. And I laughed again.[…]

Apex Predator

Close call with deer calls

The weekend started slow for me. Laura had a hog walk behind her within 30 yards on Friday (Oct. 12) morning, but she couldn’t see it in the thick underbrush from her ground blind. She heard it softly grunt several times.

I had no action on either hunt Friday or Saturday morning. Things picked up on my midday stalk when I came across this huge king snake and a large 8-foot gator in a small 6-inch deep hole about 10 yards across. It was by far the longest king snake I ever seen. They are such pretty and friendly snakes, unlike the gator who wasn’t very happy to be stuck in a small place with me nearby.[…]