Inshore Fishing

Wake watchers

As a bunch, speckled trout fishermen are obsessed with water clarity and color. Everyone seems to look for “trout green” water that is clear enough to see bait an arm’s length down. […]

Bass Fishing

Reaction Reduction

Now, with all this talk of subtle presentations with baits that are mostly made for such approaches, let’s not overlook the fact that bass lures built for speed don’t necessarily have to move at a peppy pace all the time. […]


Don’t wimp out

The broad-chested guy sitting in the driver’s seat of the big Ford pick-up cleared his throat, as if preparing to speak. I glanced over at him. In the dark, the glow from the truck’s dash lights made his chiseled features appear even sharper. […]


Plan B

It’s a scenario every angler is familiar with. You heard the fish were biting in the outside waters at the islands and rigs just off the coast. According to all the reports, the action has been spectacular. […]