Bass Fishing

Drag Kings

Stephen Johnston isn’t one to stir up trouble, but the Louisiana-Texas bass guide won’t hesitate to stir up the bottom. In fact, he says a little silt shaking does wonders for attracting Bayou State bass in muddy southern waters. […]


Season of Plenty

It was still dark as guide Kevin Beach’s big 33-foot catamaran zipped down Tiger Pass near Venice. Anthony Puglia had pulled his head down into his jacket like a turtle retracting its head into its shell. […]

Bass Fishing

Grass Equals Bass

Look for Stephen Johnston most days from March to November, and you’ll probably find him mowing the grass. Mind you, he’s not running a lawn-care crew; rather, he’s fishing the vast vegetation that dominates the southern end of Toledo Bend. […]


“Drill, baby, drill”

The U.S. commander-in-chief’s words had promise before the oil spill, but then they rang hollow with the ensuing de facto moratorium on deep-water drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico — much to the chagrin of oilfield and oilfield-related workers and businesses along the Gulf Coast. […]