Bass Fishing

Hot in the Shade

Marsh bass have a rough life. Unlike their fat kin that bide their time lazily lounging under logs in lakes, marsh bass spend their days battling tidal current, searching for something to eat and evading schools of roaming redfish. […]


Shooting Craps

I remember watching Hank Parker fishing with a spincast rod and reel on his television show several years ago. He was fishing for crappie, and he claimed that using the push-button reel and limber rod allowed him to present his jig to fish that were virtually unmolested right in the middle of a bustling lake. […]


Deer Dynamics: Antler Growth

As the days become longer, the process of “photoperiod” takes hold — stimulating more hormonal growth for bucks. More available sunlight allows changes to unfold with a buck’s pituitary gland, producing hormones that significantly contribute to bone and tissue growth. […]