Bass Fishing

Rage on the Red River

May’s an excellent month to fish the Red River because the bass have finished their spawn and are starting to move from the bank out to deeper water. But they’re not all the way to the deep places where they tend to hold in the summertime. […]


The Life of a Fawn

Spring gives way to warm days as the summer season nears. Pesky insects start to dominate the woodlots and open fields. For the young whitetails that survived the pursuit of predators, now their lives of growing into mature deer begin to unfold. […]


Downriver Garden

Spring is finally in full bloom. Winter has released its icy grip for another year, and the birds are back to singing their merry tunes. Bees are buzzing, grass is growing and the gardeners among us are glad to get their fingers down in the soil again. […]


The Sea Monster

The strongly built man leaned against the heavily bowed rod. Rivers of sweat poured from under his sun visor and ran down his face. His green fishing shirt was soaked. His muscles burned with pain. […]


Fabulous 5

Most of the time you’ll find bream not as big as crappie and not as heavy as bass or catfish. You may have to clean quite a few, especially if you fillet them, to feed a family for a Friday night fish fry. […]