Inshore Fishing

Hopedale anglers catching early trout limits

Promises of easy speckled trout limits are often taken with a grain of salt. However, you shouldn’t have a skeptical ear if you hear Capt. Ben Leto of Louisiana Fishing Expeditions (985-630-2066) say he’s busting them. He’s been catching limits out of Hopedale the past few days before the clock hits 8 a.m. […]


On the Rebound

Since the “special teal season,” as it was first called, started running back in 1968, the aerial duck counts for Louisiana have shown one thing consistently: The greatest concentrations — by far — of teal in Southeast Louisiana cram into the Mississippi Delta.The reasons are not far to seek. […]


Launch Pad

More often than not, though, anglers launching at Bayou Segnette stick to the west side of the Mississippi River. From the launch, anglers can reach the top end of the Wagon Wheel in Venice in just over an hour. […]


One-Shot Stop

Death is inevitable. Like a cloud, it hangs ever on the horizon. On this sea of life, all living things are like little boats being swept along by a great current, its force irresistible and its flow unimpeded. […]


The Heat Is On

Marck “Doc” Smythe was sitting in a tallow tree in the Cameron Parish marsh, waiting on the sun to push past the horizon and, hopefully, for a deer to walk by. He was psyched at the thought of sticking a deer. […]