Jerk in a Jam

The stretch of shoreline looked like it was tailor-made for a pack of redfish to be roaming for a mid-morning meal. But, it wasn’t really all that different looking than the others we’d come across in the Myrtle Grove marsh that morning, and I was more than a little frustrated.[…]


Object of Obsession

Dylan Riley placed the crosshairs of his scope right where he thought it should go and squeezed the trigger. The deer didn’t even flinch. He recomposed himself and squeezed off another shot, and another.[…]


Marsh Mashing

What could put Tae Bo, Pilates and Jazzercise to shame when it comes to air-sucking cardiovascular activity? What would make someone want to suffer charlie horses to the point of screaming for those around them to put them out of their misery?[…]


Mystifying Mottleds

There aren’t many Louisiana duck hunters who haven’t been snubbed by these guys. No matter how well you hide in your blind, no matter how sweet your calling may sound or how realistic your decoy spread might be, somehow they just know.[…]


Million-Dollar Man

Many outdoorsmen believe Greg Hackney of Gonzalez, one of the hottest young bass fisherman on the professional bass-fishing circuit, jumped full blown onto the professional bass-fishing circuit and consider him the next great bass phenom.[…]


Be smart when installing transducer

It is no coincidence that transducers designed to be mounted on a boat’s transom are the type most often packed in the box with new sonar units. They are the easiest type for the average person to install, and they work well on just about any transom design with a place to mount them.[…]