Inshore Fishing

Big trout biting in Turner’s Bay

Some trophy trout have started to show up at Calcasieu Lake. Capt. Jeff Poe of Big Lake Guide Service (337-598-3268) caught trout up to 8 pounds a couple of days ago, and he said a friend of his caught a 9 1/2-pound lunker that was 29 1/2 inches long last week. […]


Bank-Bound Stringers

James Waldon loves to fish, but, alas, he doesn’t own a boat. Before you begin feeling sorry for Waldon, a 67-year-old retiree from Louisiana Tech who lives in Ruston, his dilemma is not the same as if he loved to hunt but didn’t own a firearm. […]


Tensas Tango

The deer wasn’t supposed to be there. Robert Chenier was sitting a couple hundred yards from where the buck was expected to be, not because he didn’t want to kill a big deer. No, it was because one of his buddies had claimed the prime spot. […]


Health Club Ducks

What’s more exasperating than watching flock after flock after flock of ducks (mostly greys) land far out into the open water 300 yards away from your decoy spread, which was lovingly placed in a sheltered little cove and strategically set out from 20 to 35 yards downwind of where you huddle, perfectly hidden, in a grove of marsh alders blowing yourself hoarse on a duck call? […]