Catch fish after fish on a HardNose

The booming soft-plastic market’s going soft, too soft, many claim, and something had to be done about it before many more creature baits, bogus worms, faux paux frogs and imitation crawfish got torn up by fish or slid down the hook, thus rendering them unusable.[…]


Crow-Magnon Man

When it comes to game birds, the wild turkey has no rival. Like nothing else in nature, the reluctant fliers are respected, admired and cursed by hunters from sea to shining sea.[…]


Bet on Bistineau

They’ve had a bird’s eye view of the good and bad. They’ve seen Native Americans cracking mussel shells before Henry Shreve even thought about cracking up the logjam on the Red River.[…]


Bedding Bream Bonds

Real fishing heroes aren’t made at the Bassmasters Classic or the FLW Championship. Real fishing heroes are made on ponds, lakes and creeks all across the United States every day as parents and grandparents take a kid on their first fishing trip.[…]


2006 Speck Forecast

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita put trout fishing on hold across much of the state, but once anglers were able to get back on the water, success harkened back to days of yore when limits came fast and furious and competition from other anglers was almost nil.[…]


APT Moniker

Fog wrapped up the Mississippi River passes as sunlight slowly beat back the darkness. And so we sat at Venice Marina, chatting and watching workers repair hurricane damage to the facility.[…]