Louisiana Fishing

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How to skin-hook a soft plastic lure

Why sliding corks are best

After the early morning topwater action dies out, it’s pretty much a sure bet Capt. Tommy Pellegrin will turn to live shrimp.

Yesterday at 7:00am

Treble hooks hold tight

Capt. Tommy Pellegrin uses slip corks because they make it so easy to cast.

Yesterday at 7:00am

Be flexible to fill trout limits

Capt. Tommy Pellegrin always has a plan in mind when he leaves the dock. But he said he’s ready to zig and zag because, well, stuff happens.

Yesterday at 7:00am

Beating the barrier islands

When conditions are slick enough to allow you to work the beaches on the barrier islands, ice chests can quickly fill with solid trout throughout the summer.

Yesterday at 7:00am

The bay is all about structure

If conditions rule out fishing the beaches — or if the bite just isn’t on — plenty of action awaits in Timbalier Bay.

Yesterday at 7:00am

Stay mobile for maximum trout action

If the notion of “shooting fish in a barrel” appeals to you, summer trout fishing probably won’t be your cup of tea. Sure, you may find a pile of fish, but finding implies looking — and this time of year often requires a lot of that.

Yesterday at 7:00am

The plaque in the swamp

Bass, crappie and bream fishermen who frequent the canals of Crackerhead can’t help but to have seen a solid brass plaque mounted on one of a pair of modest-sized cypress trees standing in the water off a canal bank.

Yesterday at 7:00am

The man and his boat

In spite of having lived a high-powered life, Leonard Kleinpeter is living proof that effective fishing doesn’t demand investment in an expensive fiberglass bass boat.

Yesterday at 7:00am

Tip of the day

He smelled so good I wanted to lick him.

Yesterday at 7:00am

How to catch your own grass shrimp

Leonard Kleinpeter stresses that a proper dip net is needed to effectively catch grass shrimp from their preferred habitat, dense beds of coontail and other aquatic plants. 

Yesterday at 7:00am

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