MirrOdine Mini

The MirrOdine Mini Suspending Twitchbait is the newest addition to the MirrOdine family. At 2 ¼ inches, the new size is perfect when trout, redfish, tarpon, striped bass and snook are feeding on smaller size baitfish.[…]


Berkley Classics Turboglide

The Berkley Classics TurboGlide Lithium-ion Cordless Electric Fillet System features the smooth, lightweight and powerful Classics TurboGlide fillet knife, with non-slip SofTorx finish grip and a 7 ½-inch serrated blade, perfect for precision cuts or large fillets.[…]


Sighting in doesn’t have to be hard

Buck drove me crazy.

As anal as I am about my rifles, his idea of sighting in before deer season was to drive out on the pipeline at our lease, throw a gallon cooking oil can out, back off 60-75 yards, take a rest on his elbows, squint through his cheap scope and touch off a .30-06 round from his immensely popular (and notoriously inaccurate) semi-automatic rifle (he even had see-through mounts on the thing!) and bounce the can about 5 feet.[…]


Bass love Bomber’s Model B

When Oklahoman Edwin Evers needs to put bass in the boat in one of the many high-pressure bass tournaments he fishes, including the recent Bassmaster Elite Series, he goes “hunting” with his favorite balsa wood crankbait — the Bomber Model B.[…]

Bass Fishing

The haunt for reds in October

For most fly anglers in our state, it’s not the waters that torment us, but what swims in them. As we count down to All Hallow’s Eve, and the invasion of predatory species into our estuaries, the fly fishing can be so good it’s frightening.[…]