Troubleshoot your fish-finder on the go

Gremlins almost never bother your fish finder in waters near your home or close to a repair shop. They wait until you pull your boat a hundred miles from home on vacation. Here’s how to defend against these little wire chewers and slug it out with them when they get past your defenses.[…]


Lemon Picking

It’s difficult to explain my near obsession with cobia. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember, and many other offshore anglers feel the same and react similarly when the meaty brown fish appear near the boat.[…]


Like rabbits, ducks ruled by nature

Biologists have long known that it’s impossible to stockpile rabbits in the wild. Everything from foxes to hawks, coyotes to humans eats rabbits, and each year somewhere around 80 percent of the furballs die whether they’re shot by us Elmer Fudds or not.[…]