Freshwater Fishing

Nutria liver makes great bait

Some of Bill McCarty’s favorite fishing holes in January are between the Wax Lake Outlet and Atchafalaya River, where it’s usually no problem to catch a bunch of catfish averaging 2 pounds. […]


Rat Race — Nutria hunts provide a great way to extend the shooting season

Revelry raged around him, but Artie looked morose. Doc’s uptown bungalow rocked with the traditional St. Patrick’s Day lunacy, but Artie remained oddly oblivious to the festivities.

Not even the stroll to Parasol’s helped.

“What a difference two months make,” Pelayo laughed, while pointing at his pouting friend. “New Year’s Artie was the life of da paaawty. Now look at him.” […]


From the Taliban to Nutria

Remember in The Deerhunter when De Niro, after barbecuing the commie with the flamethrower then perforating him with his own AK-47, gets knocked down by a spate of explosions? Then he and his handful of dazed chums get up, look down groggily through the smoke, and see a horizon full of commies charging their way? […]