Making things go boom

In all its infinite wisdom, the U.S. Army determined after basic training at Ft. Polk, La., that I needed to be bussed to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. — a multi-use base about 50 miles from St. Louis — where I would receive advanced individual training (AIT) in my Army skill. […]


Tracking the rut phases

As this month’s title implies, we’re going to spend a few minutes tracking and dissecting the progression and timing of the rut so we can anticipate where to place our trail cameras and stands for best affect this season. […]


Comfortable accommodations

Lake Charles is located within a 30-minute drive of some from the finest waterfowl hunting on the continent. There are numerous hotels along the city’s Interstate 210 Loop that provide access south to the agricultural areas where duck and goose hunting are part of the fabric of the region. […]