Reactive Reds

It didn’t take long for Capt. Cade Thomas and me to get tired of hauling water at the Jump at Venice. Our ice chest, void of any speckled trout, reminded me of a sign I saw leaving a lake one day that read, “Cuz, you should have been here yesterday.”[…]


Ship Shape

With another successful recreational red snapper season under his belt, Capt. Tommy Pellegrin quickly adapts his methods to concentrate on the mixed bag of other species that swarm the platforms and reefs near his home port of Cocodrie.[…]


Ravenous Reggio Redfish

Did you ever have a craving for a certain thing? You know what I mean; sometimes you just crave something in particular, like Chinese food or Mexican food. Or ice-cream. Or a Snickers bar or an Almond Joy.[…]

Bass Fishing

Battered, Bruised, and Beautiful

While watching the TV announcers trying to fill time during the lightning delay in the LSU-Mississippi State game, I heard one of them say, “Things aren’t quite the same around these parts, but you can tell it’s coming back because you can see these people doing what they do.”[…]