Freshwater Fishing

No fancy stuff

Modern bass fishermen are known for their endless array of fancy and expensive equipment. Fishing with Jim Looney is like a throwback to a simpler time, a time when it seemed like any angler could be reasonably confident of catching bass.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

The 14-inch minimum:

The 14-inch-minimum-size limit on all black bass — both largemouth and spotted — in the Atchafalaya Basin, Lakes Verret, Palourde, Fausse Point/Dauterive areas has been in effect since the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew in 1992.[…]


Stump field slabs

Every year during March and April, fishermen hammer Lake D’Arbonne’s shallow cypress trees and banks for spawning white perch (aka crappie or sac-a-lait). It’s a mad rush because you only have a few weeks to take advantage of the relatively easy bite.[…]


Outer limits

This is it: You don’t have to wait any longer.

The month we long for with impatient anticipation throughout the entire year has finally arrived in all its spring glory.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

Best equipment

While shiners can be used to fish for post-spawning crappie, most fishermen ease through the stump fields fishing about 10 feet deep with jigs.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

Where to go

Lake D’Arbonne is located near Farmerville in north-central Louisiana, and there are several public boat ramps providing easy access to the stump fields in the Stowe Creek, Terral Island and Bear Creek areas of the lake.[…]


Dumb game laws

Louisiana Sportsman is of course the best outdoor publication around, but I do read a few others. So when the March 2012 issue of Petersen’s Hunting hit the mailbox I took a quick look at the page for the monthly highlights.[…]


Red tide falling

In February, the Wyoming state legislature considered an amendment to a bill requiring that state to purchase an aircraft carrier. Even though it failed, there were 22 legislators who voted for the amendment.[…]


The Ruger SR40c

A recent concealed carry class included a newlywed couple. The young woman was an attractive emergency room nurse with a winning smile, long brown hair and a dad who was a retired federal law enforcement officer.[…]

Inshore Fishing

Under Pressure

This is my son’s first year of playing kid-pitch baseball.

After looking like an all-star in the batting cages during his first practice, he stood on deck and watched the batter before him take a hardball to the lower back in his team’s first attempt to hit off of an inconsistent 9-year-old pitcher.[…]


Small, compact spinnerbait a hit

For a man who has been making some of the finest artificial lures in the country for 31 years, Texan Lonnie Stanley sure was talking excitedly — gushing, actually — at length a few weeks ago about his newest baby: a Wedgetail Mini Wedge Runner.[…]