Sight-Cast Mania

Don’t say you weren’t warned. There’s a new “bug” going around to add to our rapidly growing list of concerns: mad cow, chicken flu, anthrax, smallpox, legionnaires, AIDS, SARS…. and now you can add to that “sight-cast mania.”[…]


Monsters of the Midway

Capt. Bill Lake meant no disrespect toward his sparring partner. “That’s not the size we wanted,” he muttered after gaining a glimpse of a 2 1/2-pound trout that was darting around haphazardly in a desperate and futile attempt to regain its freedom.[…]


Please forgive me, but you’re an outlaw

Unfortunately, some Louisiana outdoorsman still wear the terms “poacher” and “outlaw” as badges of honor. Like kleptomaniacs who steal trinkets they don’t really want and will never use just for the thrill of the take, these poachers and outlaws don’t get a charge unless they shoot at least one duck over the limit, harvest a couple undersized redfish or shoot a doe on a bucks-only day.[…]

Bass Fishing

Crawfish Boil for Bass

Louisiana waters are some of the most diverse in all of North America. The entire southeastern U.S. ecosystem has been heralded for its diversity of life, even to the point of being called an “evolutionary laboratory.” Thousands of fish, insects, amphibians, vegetation and mammalian species rely on it and call it home.[…]


Behind the Scenes

Recent years have seen a marked increase in the number of local fishing and hunting television shows, so much so that those who keep up with the genre are left to wonder who won’t have their own outdoor show.[…]