Fishing Tournaments

Tandem kayakers team up to win Ride the Bull 9

If you were anywhere near Grand Isle this weekend, you probably couldn’t help but notice kayaks everywhere you looked. More precisely, 628 kayak anglers were spread across the island before gathering at Bridge Side Marina Saturday morning for Ride the Bull 9, the world’s largest kayak fishing tournament. […]


Plastics for panfish

Many kayak anglers dream of catching giant fish from their small plastic boats. However, going in the completely opposite direction can be even more fun. Imagine catching scores of tiny, delicious fish — using nothing more than worms and a cane pole, or lightweight spinning gear. […]


First cast

When someone is interested in beginning kayak fishing, the standard advice is to demo several kayaks before deciding which one to buy. However, you still can’t truly get the feel of how a kayak performs under actual fishing conditions. […]


PAC Kayak Rentals Revisited

It was a little over two years ago when we reported on Louisiana’s first and only kayak-specific marina. When Eddie and Lisa Mullen opened Pointe-aux-Chenes (PAC) Kayak Rentals, it was something special. It’s even better now. They wanted to make a place that was specifically designed for the needs of kayak anglers. […]


‘Kid’-yaking: Create memories on the water

There’s no better way to introduce kids to fishing than with a kayak.

The solitude and close quarters allow for easy instruction and great conversation, with almost endless teaching opportunities. On quiet paddles, a wide variety of wildlife may be seen — as well as several different species of fish caught. […]


Demo, demo, demo

Spring is coming this month, and kayak anglers welcome the warm weather and hot fishing action. Kayak fishing continues to grow in popularity, and it’s a great time to be in the market for your first kayak — or to upgrade from an entry-level model. […]


Kayak tourney news

Fishing a kayak tournament is a great way to meet new kayak-fishing friends and hone your fishing skills. A wide variety of formats are available across the state, and the friendly competition offers a chance to win some great prizes and bragging rights.  […]