Worth Its Salt

Saline Lake is located in the northcentral part of Louisiana approximately 6 miles northeast of Clarence. In fact, the lake is given the suffix “Clarence” to differentiate it from two other Louisiana lakes named Saline. […]


Triple Treat

The tripletail, also called the buoy bass, blackfish, chobie or sunfish, derives its name because the oversized dorsal and anal fins sweep back toward the tail to give the fish a three-tailed look. […]


Gulf Habitats Part II

The eight habitat types of special importance are marshes, seagrasses, mangroves, oyster reefs, live/hard bottoms, artificial structures, coral reefs, and sargassum. Each will be discussed in more detail. […]


90-degree approach to basic casting

The last distance casting contest I attended was a shameless exhibition of male testosterone. With his arms and hips and shoulders spinning and gyrating, all one contestant needed was a pair of shades and a rhinestone suit, and you’d thought Elvis was in the building. […]


Weather or Not

Many centuries ago, when Houmas Indians needed precipitation to water crops, their leaders would get together at night around a fire and join in a rain dance. Capt. Bryce Michel can relate. […]


Changing Faces

Caney is a different lake than it was in the early 1990s, when it was the hottest bass impoundment in the South. But it still holds plenty more lunkers than the average Louisiana lake.Like a pubescent teenager, 5,000-acre Caney Lake in Jackson Parish went through some changes a few years ago. […]