Fishing for sac-a-lait in Bayou Des Allemands, Lloyd Brandt ended up catching this choupique.

Species spotlight: Choupique

The bowfin (Amia calva), whose more common name is mudfish, is a close relative of the gar. Its stout body and long dorsal fin, which covers almost three-quarters the length of its body, give the fish a snaky or eel-like appearance.[…]

Freshwater Fishing

So where do you hunt for choupique?

The Lirettes were fishing with permission in canals on private property. But choupique are found virtually everywhere in Louisiana, ranging from swamp and freshwater marsh bayous and canals to the state’s natural lakes and reservoirs from Toledo Bend on down.[…]


Taming the beast

The thrashing dinosaur was yanked out of the water, flew high over the lanky man’s head and landed with a thud in the tall weeds. It immediately began slithering through the wet grass back toward the weedy canal.[…]