Nikon’s Spot On

While nothing can replace time spent shooting on an actual range, Nikon’s Spot On technology/program allows rifle shooters to decide from thousands of load and sight-in options for specific hunts or shooting styles.[…]


Chef’s Specialty

The fishing was pathetic. Everyone whined and moaned — all except Eddie, who grinned wickedly. His eyes twinkled as he looked around the boat.“No mas!” he finally blurted and reached for his knapsack.[…]


Looming Menace?

“The time for dillydallying with this great problem has passed; [federal officials] are far too dilatory in their movements, and take too long to devise ways and find means to avert the threatened danger, and rather incline to a plan that is entirely at variance with their printed opinions[…]


The Silver Bullet

I first met Hypophthalmichthyes molitrix on a warm summer’s night in 1997. A scimitar-shaped crescent moon hung over the humid night’s air in the Atchafalaya Basin.[…]


Plug and play beats plug and pray

Bad connections can cause your electronics to do things that are science-fiction strange. They can cause simple problems like a unit failing to power-up, but they prefer to hide behind sneaky, intermittent troubles that could be caused by dozens of things.[…]


School of Hardknocks

Accidents, mishaps, incidents — misadventures in the field go by a variety of names. My wife, Carol, calls them “Terry Moments,” and I have to admit I have more than my share of them. Several years ago, I even wrote a feature for Louisiana Sportsman about some of the more bizarre ones.[…]