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Reel Steady Rod Stabilizer

Designed to add stability to heavy offshore fishing rods, the Reel Steady is a great addition for kayak anglers who need all the help they can get. Be it snapper or tarpon, fighting these bruisers from the seated position of a kayak makes handling heavy rods even more difficult. However, adding a Reel Steady provides an additional point of contact that eliminates rod twist. It makes fighting fish easier, and lowers wrist and forearm fatigue. Made of durable ABS plastic, it simply attaches to the rod with the included stainless bolts, and it’s lightweight and ergonomically designed. Reel Steady puts the pressure where it needs to be — on the fish. It also acts as a great carrying handle. MSRP:  $25.99.

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Clip-on RotoGrip Paddle Holder

Many kayak anglers like to stand and fish, especially for reds. However, it never fails: You spot a nice fish and try to quietly set your paddle down to make a cast, and BAM — the paddle hits the kayak and off goes the red. No more. This simple but effective clip-on paddle holder from the folks that make the Action Hat provides a quick and quiet attachment point for your paddle. Pairing the YakAttack RotoGrip Paddle Holder with a 360-degree fully-articulating clip-on mount, the paddle is securely held in any direction. The device has a strong spring clamp with gripping teeth that simply latches over your waistband. Set it where it fits you best and then lock in the preferred angle with a simple set screw knob. MSRP: $21.99.

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Stingray Fishing Line Cutter

Cutting fishing line while on the water is a necessity. But knives can be dangerous in a kayak, and clippers often don’t provide a clean cut. Biting through braid is impossible — and chewing on mono can lead to a trip to the dentist. Now, problem solved: The unique Stingray line cutter handles all line from the thinnest mono to the heaviest braid. It can be worn around your neck or easily mounted, using the included lanyard and Velcro mounting pads. The Stingray makes cutting all fishing lines easy and safe. Stainless steel blades are enclosed in a child-safe opening that prevents cutting fingers, but allows for effortless line cutting. It’s great for trimming tag ends close to the knot, and also cutting off lures for change-out. Simply slide the line down the slot and it cuts quickly and cleanly. Lightweight and corrosion resistant, the Stingray is a handy gadget that you can use on every kayak fishing trip. MSRP: $13.99.

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