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While the South Lafourche Levee District managed to orchestrate a marsh creation project for only $20,000 an acre, the reality of restoration work in Louisiana is that such undertakings are usually more expensive.

Here’s an overview of a few ongoing projects being overseen by the state that range in cost from $73,333 to $315,454 per acre.

Biloxi Marsh Shoreline Protection

• Project type — Rock and semi-rock barrier walls

• Goals — Protect marsh near Lakes Pontchartrain and Borgne to serve as natural flood protection for New Orleans communities and the Biloxi Wildlife Management Area

• Estimated cost — $22 million

• Land benefited — Seven miles of shoreline; 300 acres of marsh

• Cost per acre — $73,333

Cameron Parish Shoreline Protection

• Project type — Sand placement for beach restoration

• Goals — Rebuild shoreline that supports critical highway infrastructure; protect marsh from saltwater intrusion

• Estimated cost — $45.8 million

• Land benefited — 525 acres of new beach created; nine miles of shoreline

• Cost per acre: $87,238

Orleans Landbridge

• Project Type — Recycle concrete from old I-10 Twin Spans as shoreline reenforcement

• Goals — Protect New Orleans and surrounding communities from storm surge

• Estimated cost — $34.7 million

• Land benefited — 110 acres of marsh; 8.7 miles of shoreline

• Cost per acre — $315,454

Caminada Headland Beach and Dune Restoration

• Project type — Barrier island rehabilitation

• Goals — Protect Port Fourchon and Louisiana Highway 1 from storm surge, slow everyday wave action into Fourchon area marshes and limit saltwater intrusion

• Estimated cost — $70.6 million

• Land Benefited — 303 acres of beach and dune

• Cost per acre — $233,003

Scofield Island Restoration

• Project Type — Barrier island rehabilitation

• Goals — Rebuild a 2.4-mile-long barrier island on the west side of Plaquemines Parish, prevent further land loss, protect communities and counter saltwater intrusion that has adversely affected fishing habitats

• Estimated cost — $70 million

• Land benefited — 398 acres of marsh; 238 acres of beach and dune; and 11,400 feet of shoreline

• Cost per acre —: $110,062

SOURCE: Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

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