Opelousas hunter downs 10-point in Mississippi

Charles’ buck green scores 155 5/8 inches Boone & Crockett

A little scouting after last season paid off big time this year for an Opelousas hunter who bagged a nice Mississippi 10-pointer dubbed the “King of the Jungle.”

Blake Charles shot the big buck on a morning hunt on his property on Dec. 22 near Fayette.

“I was hunting a spot I had found last year after hunter season that had a lot of sign, and I hadn’t been in there this year,” Charles said.

He was hunting on the ground overlooking a deep bottom when the deer appeared early that morning.

“I was sitting on a stool in a clump of trees and about 7 o’clock, I heard something to my right,” he said. “When I looked there, he was staring at me on an old logging road at about 60 yards.

“I didn’t move, and he stared at me I guess for about a minute.”

After the staring contest ended, the buck continued on his way up the hill. But Charles, who shoots right-handed, was in a bind with the buck on his right side.

“I guess he decided I was safe and continued climbing, and he got behind a clump of trees so I wheeled around,” Charles said. “When he did, I didn’t see him anymore and in a split second, he took two leaps and bounded away from me.”

But miraculously, the big buck stopped, and Charles didn’t hesitate when given the opportunity for a shot.

“I whistled, and then I pulled the trigger,” he said. “All I had was a hard quartering-away shot.”

His .35 Whelen found its mark, and he hit the buck just in front of his left hind quarter.

“He took off and stumbled, and I thought he was going to fall,” Charles said. “Then he took off, and I couldn’t find any blood at first, so I let him be for an hour.”

He eventually found blood about 100 yards from the shot, and finally located the big buck piled up just on the other side of a ravine.

“That’s my biggest deer, and the biggest on this property,” said Charles, who has hunted in Mississippi for about 20 years, but only two years on the property near Fayette.

The 205-pound 10-point green scored 155 5/8 inches Boone & Crockett, with a 17 1/2 inch inside spread and 5 1/2 inches of mass at the bases.

“We did not have one daytime picture of him, and just one picture of him this year,” Charles said. “Last year, he was a 10-point, just not as wide and not as heavy.”

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