Monroe seventh grader downs monster 6-point on Davis Island

Woods’ ‘Super Six’ green scores a whopping 132 ⅛ inches Boone & Crockett

When Kade Woods let his little sister borrow his Remington Model 700 .308 at Rosedale Hunting Club last weekend, the 14-year-old got to borrow his dad’s rifle for his hunt Sunday afternoon in a box stand overlooking three shooting lanes on Davis Island.

At that point, the seventh-grader at Ouachita Christian School in Monroe had never downed a buck alone in the stand, but that was about to change in a big way — with his dad’s big gun.

Using a Remington .300 Magnum from 150 yards, Woods dropped a monster 6-point that stretched the tape to more than 130 inches.

“For any buck, he’s not too bad,” said Woods’ dad, Kevin. “But for a 6-point, he’s a heck of a buck.

“He’s a hammer.”

It was a youth hunt weekend on Rosedale, with members’ kids competing for prizes to see who could down the biggest doe. Kade shot a 119-pounder Saturday morning good enough for second place in the contest, and wound up winning a Savage 7mm-08 with a Nikon scope.

As good as that was, things would get even better for him the next day.

Kade didn’t shoot Sunday morning, but noticed some buck activity further down closer to a different stand.

The youth hunt was over, but since he didn’t have school Monday or Tuesday because of Election Day, that afternoon he headed to the stand where he had seen the bucks earlier, armed with his dad’s rifle.

His father was with Kade’s 8-year-old sister, Kelsey, in a stand about 1,000 yards away through the woods, while his older sister Meghan was huntng in a stand with a friend nearby.

“We were actually packing up because it was starting to get a little bit dark and she’s not used to looking through scopes, so we always leave a little early, especially in the evenings. We were fixing to get out the stand, and that’s when we heard the shot,” Kevin said. “There’s no doubt when that .300 Magnum rings through the woods, so when I heard that shot, I looked at Kelsey and said, ‘There goes Bubba.’”

Woods and his daughter hopped in a Ranger and went to pick up his wife before heading over to see what Kade had shot.

“I’m not going to lie, I was nervous because he had never killed a buck by himself before. If he would have killed the wrong deer, it could have counted as two deer on our tag, and that cuts into what everybody else in the family could kill,” Woods said, noting club rules require all shooter bucks to be 4 ½ years or older. “So I was nervous at first pulling up, going, ‘Oh please God, let him be a legal buck.’

“When I saw the smile on his face and got a look at the deer, I said, ‘OK, we’re in great shape because this is very much a legal buck. We’re all good.”

Legal indeed.

The heavy-horned 6-point, estimated between 4 ½ and 5 ½ years old, had 25-inch main beams with a 19-inch inside spread. Circumference at the bases of the rack was 5 inches, and the big buck tipped the scales at 243 pounds.

It green-scored a whopping 132 ⅛ inches Boone & Crockett.

Kade had passed on an 8-point earlier that afternoon, but made a quick decision when the giant 6 stepped out into his left shooting lane around 5:10 p.m. at about 150 yards.

“He put the rifle on him and saw that he was a big deer and knew he was a 6-point,” Kevin said. “He said he didn’t think anything about it — he just took it off safety and fired.”

The big buck dropped where it stood.

“He was pumped up. He was like, ‘He went down like a sack of potatoes, daddy — just like you said he would.

“I’m proud of him — I’m not going to lie,” Kevin said. “Especially when I saw that buck and the decision he made. He could have very easily killed something that wasn’t near that big …. But he waited and was patient, and it was a proud moment for dad.”

The only bad news for Kevin is that he might never get his rifle back now.

“He had only shot it one other time, but now that he’s killed this big buck, he’s in love with it,” Woods said with a chuckle. “He said, ‘Daddy, I need a .300 Magnum now.’”

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