Marsh Man Masson vid: Speckled trout barrier-island beatdown

Fish make grand appearance along Louisiana coast.

Hot speckled trout fishing along Louisiana’s barrier islands might be two weeks behind schedule, but it kicked off big-time this week with bruiser fish flying over the gunwales. I had a front-row seat to the action Monday during a trip out of Grand Isle with Capt. Frank Dreher and my good buddy, Chris Macaluso.

Conditions looked dicey first thing in the morning, thanks to a breeze that was huffing harder than expected, but at dawn, it dropped to a whisper, and the fish responded in the bait-rich, lime-green-Jello water. What little wind remained was out of the north, so the beach was the perfect destination for our excursion.

We threw an assortment of lures, including She Dogs, Matrix Shads, Zoom Flukes and Vudu Shrimp, at the ravenous fish, and everything seemed to be on the menu. It was coastal fishing at its finest, and the season is just now beginning.

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