LWFC adopts NOI to amend recreational crawfish and bream trap rules to add marking requirements

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission passed a Notice of Intent to reinstate marking requirements for recreational crawfish traps and add marking requirements for bream traps, cans, and barrels. The proposed changes will modify existing rules and be applicable statewide. The rule intends to decrease litter, provide accountability for passive gear, and reduce “ghost-fishing.”

The following modifications to the existing rule are proposed:

  • Reinstates tagging requirement for recreational crawfish traps (must include LDWF license number of the person fishing the trap)
  • Adds tagging requirement for cans, barrels, and bream traps (must include LDWF commercial or recreational license number for person fishing the trap)
  • Removes requirement of fisher’s name on tags for gill nets, trammel nets, hoop nets, slat traps, and wire nets (must include LDWF commercial or recreational license number for person fishing the trap)
  • Each trap must be marked with a waterproof tag that is etched, stamped, printed or written in indelible ink and attached directly to the device or an attached buoy
  • Changes the title of the rule to “Marking System for Passive Nets and Traps”

These requirements will add accountability to gear, provide proof of ownership, and will provide consistent regulations on the border with Mississippi. These changes will help enforcement agents enforce trap regulations.

Interested persons may submit written comments relative to the proposed rule to Robby Maxwell, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, 1025 Tom Watson Rd., Lake Charles, LA 70615, or via email to rmaxwell@wlf.la.gov prior to July 30, 2024.

To view the NOI visit:  https://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/assets/Resources/Publications/Commission_Action_Items/Passive-Net-and-Crawfish-Trap-Marking-NOI-052024.pdf