Marsh Man Masson vid: I cheated to catch redfish. He didn’t.

Sometimes, you just want to put the odds in your favor.

Some days, you want the challenge of catching fish difficult ways. Others, you just want the deck stacked as unfairly as possible in your favor.

During the second day of a casual fishing event known as Marsh Madness, I went with the latter option. I wanted to put as many redfish in the boat as possible in hopes of catching a multi-spotted redfish that would win the category for the three-day event.

So I shamelessly fished with dead shrimp under a cork.

Glenn Young, national sales director for Z-Man, had too much pride to succumb to such amateur techniques, so he stuck with lures manufactured by his company, and definitely acquitted himself quite nicely.

I couldn’t top an 11-spotted red I caught the previous day, but Young and I had a ball putting plenty two-spotted redfish in the boat.

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