CCA STAR kicks off this month

More than $500,000 in prizes up for grabs

The 2014 Coastal Conservation Association STAR tournament begins on Memorial Day weekend, with more than more than $500,000 in prizes. Competition continues through Labor Day.

You must be a member of CCA to participate, and the cost to enter the tournament is $25.

The first CCA-tagged tagged redfish caught wins the angler a Chevy Silverado. The next nine tagged reds caught win each angler a NauticStar rigged out with a 150-horsepower Mercury.

Divisions and the associated prizes are:

• Speckled trout (four divisions) — the heaviest fish overall wins a 2110 NauticStar boat rigged with a 150-horse Mercury. The next three heaviest fish (one per division) win 1810 NauticStar boats with 90-horsepower outboards.

• Mangrove snapper —heaviest fish wins a $5,000 offshore tackle package.

• Cobia — heaviest fish wins a $5,000 outdoor tackle package.

• Dorado — heaviest fish wins a $5,000 offshore tackle package.

• Red snapper (open only during the federal season) — heaviest fish wins a $5,000 offshore tackle package.

• Fly fishing (east and west regions) — the heaviest trout in each division wins $1,500 Academy gift card.

• Kayak (four divisions)— heaviest trout in each division wins a Hobie Outback.

• Calcasieu Calcutta — heaviest speckled trout caught, weighed at official weigh station and released alive wins a $500 Academy gift card.

• Sheepshead (east and west regions) — heaviest fish in each division wins a $1,500 Academy gift card

• Flounder — heaviest fish wins a 16-foot Weldbilt boat with a 40-horsepower outboard.

• Ladies only — heaviest speckled trout wins a $2,500 travel voucher.

Youth (17 years old and younger) — speckled trout and flounder, with all entrants included in random drawing to win a 14-foot Cajun Outboard boat with a 15-horse Mercury.

Click here for full details and registration information.

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