Alleged kayak cheater booted from tournament trails

Shepherd altered multiple measuring devices in Tennessee event, officials say

When money is on the line, sometimes it brings out the worst in human nature, and a Kentucky angler will have kayak tournament directors across the country taking a closer look at photos submitted in CPR events nationwide.

In this case, CPR stands for Catch-Photo-Release, a common practice in kayak tournaments where fish are measured for length, not weight. Typically, fish are photographed lying on a measuring board, with a unique tournament identifier displayed in the picture.

Following the completion of a Kayak Bass Series event earlier this month on the Dale Hollow Reservoir on the Kentucky/Tennessee border, Andrew Shepherd was booted from the competition for allegedly submitting falsified photos.

Apparently, Shepherd came up with a unique way to create the illusion that he had caught some lunker fish: he used altered measuring devices that he had allegedly removed sections from that were hidden by the fish’s body.

One measuring board apparently had 4 inches removed.

For more information on how Shepherd got busted, read the full story from our friends at North Carolina Sportsman by clicking here.

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