Tenzing Hangtime Backpack

Deer hunters nowadays take so much more stuff into the woods than even just a decade ago, and fanny packs often won’t do the job; backpacks have become a regular sight, but they don’t come without the problem of how to access all their nooks and crannies while sitting in a lock-on, ladder or climbing stand 15 to 20 feet above a well-travelled deer trail.

That’s where Tenzing’s new Hangtime Backpack comes into play. It’s designed to be removed once you’re in your stand and hung on a device like a bowhanger, so hunters can easily access the myriad pockets to get out their scent products, rangefinders, cell phones, even an extra sweatshirt. The pack’s rigid frame makes it easy to search for your gear, and oversized zippers make opening pockets easy.

Weighing less than 2 pounds empty, the Hangtime Backpack has seven compartments and 15 pockets, including SD card pockets on the shoulder straps, a removable, ambidextrous bow carrier and a fold-out bow- and gun-carrying boot for the walk or ride in. There’s even a base compartment that holds an included Plano utility box so you can store smaller items for easy access.

MSPR: $199.99.

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