American Fastbacks

If you’re looking for a loaded out Jeep Wrangler with features like 35-inch tires, custom tops, a Mopar lift kit, Fox shocks, LED light bars, electric running boards, custom bumpers, electric winch and much more — look no further than the American Fastbacks models at Miller’s RV in Baton Rouge.

The vehicles, which are brand new 4-door Jeep Wranglers, come fully customized by American Fastbacks and are sold as a complete package.

“Most people buy a Jeep then have to come out pocket for all of the upgrades they want to make” said Jeff Hilliard, with Miller’s RV in Baton Rouge. “With American Fastbacks all of the upgrades are included in the payment and because it’s an RV we can get better terms. That means an amazing, loaded out Jeep at a really, really low payment – much lower than people expect!”

And if you choose to go off-road and do some camping, a Jeep RV is definitely the way to go.

“The back two seats lay down and have an integrated mattress that sleeps 2 people comfortably.” Hilliard said. “One model even comes with a tent mounted to the roof that sets up at the touch of a button to sleep an additional two people. There is also a portable kitchen that comes with every unit.  If you want to go camping it’s there for you to use but it is easily removed for everyday use.”

The good news for your peace of mind is a full warranty on the vehicle, and the accessories.

“Because the customization is done by an RV manufacturer, it doesn’t void any of the warranty on the chassis,” Hilliard said. “Often when you add accessories to a vehicle, you can mess up the warranty with the original manufacturer, but this doesn’t.

“So your full Jeep warranty is still in effect. And American Fastbacks warranty all of the hardware and the upgrade, so you get full warranty on both.”

For more information on American Fastbacks Jeep RVs, call or text Miller’s RV on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge at 225-275-2940, or visit