Guns and loads for goose hunting

Geese are large birds that are often shot at long distances. that means hunters must have heavy-enough guns and loads to effectively take geese.

Hunting guide Clint Matthew uses a 10-gauge shotgun, but he said a 12-gauge is sufficient. He prefers a 10 gauge because, as a guide, he often has to kill cripples that his guests clip.

Matthew said the most-important factor relating to guns and loads is consistency.

“I believe that you should find a gun, load and choke that you are comfortable with, and then never change,” he said. “Once you know what your gun and shells are going to do, you never have to worry about that aspect of the hunt. You can simply concentrate on making the shot.”

Most hunters use a modified choke and shot size between BB and No. 4 shot when shooting steel. A 10- or 12-gauge shotgun with a 26- or 28-inch barrel length is recommended for geese.

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