Blue Collar Decoys

Blue Collar Decoys are custom-made decoys designed to durable, lifelike and second to none when it comes to colors.

Odyssey Outdoors’ Brent Sawyer pointed out three things separating Blue Collar Decoys from the pack.

First, he said they are decoys for a lifetime. They come with a lifetime manufacturing warranty and one-year warranty on the paint.

The second factor is customization.

“We advertise prices by the dozen or six-pack or four-pack for geese because that’s the way they fit in a box,” Sawyer said. “But, we don’t limit customers to those numbers. You can buy any quantity, mix species and have custom paint colors.

“For example, in Louisiana we like our specklebelly decoys dark, where in California and Oregon they prefer them lighter color. We’ll customize each and every order to suit the tastes of our clientele.”

Thirdly Sawyer said his company focuses on ensuring the best possible customer service.

“The definition of an odyssey is a series of wanderings or adventures, especially when accompanied by hardship or memorable moments,” Sawyer said. “I believe that perfectly describes our outdoor venture and hunting in particular.

“Our tag line is, ‘How far will you go?’ We want Odyssey Outdoors to be a community of outdoor-minded people sharing adventures.”

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