Big Lake’s Pintail passion

Rolling a perfect pintail trill out over the marsh is a talent that a lot of duck hunters can’t master. Now, thanks to the Pintail Passion that has been added to Big Lake Calls’ lineup, you don’t have to do much more than blow the call.

According to owner Hugh McLaurin, a roller ball within the call’s body allows just about anybody using the call — just by blowing into it — to make the beautiful trills and peeps that make pintails sit up and take notice. In addition, the call has two ports that allow you to alter the sound of the calls from high to low to mimic multiple ducks. It will also produce a very good widgeon whistle and a passable call for teal.

Big Lake partners with Maurilio, a Brazilian company, to produce the calls in Jatobé and Rosewood models.

“You get a very soft, mellow sound,” McLaurin said.

MSRP: $40 (Jatobé wood), $50 (Rosewood).

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