Escort 22LR

With small-game seasons approaching in a handful of months, it’s time get that rimfire rifle that’s been gathering dust in your gun cabinet back in shape — or replace it with the latest.

Hatsan, the Arkansas-based company that offers shotguns and high-level air rifles, has entered the rimfire market with a bolt-action .22 rifle, simply named the 22LR.

The little rifle, which is only 41 inches in total length and weighs 6.1 pounds, comes in two stocks — Turkish walnut and synthetic — and with some great features at an affordable price. It has classic, functional lines.

The 22LR has a hard chrome-plated steel alloy receiver and barrel, plus a smooth, chrome-plated bolt. It comes with 5- and 10-round magazines to suit the squirrel hunter or just a farm boy or girl out plinking or on the range. It also features studs for the addition of a sling. The receiver has dovetail grooves for scope mounting.

MSRP: $219-$249.

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