Louisiana Sportsman: digital is now interactive


Our digital magazine is now interactive

Change is good, especially when that change involves additional features. And that’s what Louisiana Sportsman has done with our digital magazine. We’ve added features to make things more immersive and interactive. Starting with the January 2023 issue, each monthly edition of the digital version will contain the same content that appears in our magazine, with the addition of video, audio, and direct links to products.

It’s easy to use and works on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Just open the digital version like always, then flip pages with either a swipe or a tap. You’ll see the “play” button in articles that have the interactive features. See a product or advertiser you’d like more information on? No need to open a new webpage and type in their web address; simply tap the ad or product, and a new page will open on its own. Wondering how to find the location written about? Just click the link to open a map.

For those who just want to read without those added features, that’s no problem. Simply avoid clicking any of the links and you can continue to read at your own pace.

Ready to get interactive? Click here for the January 2023 issue.