So you want to be a hog killer?

German hunter stacks up wild hogs with remarkable markmanship

Do you hate the hogs that are tearing up your hunting property and making deer hunts more difficult? Do you feel a sense of accomplishment when you take a few hogs out of the population?

Well, after you watch the attached video, you might feel like you don’t know anything about how to hunt hogs.

Franz-Albrecht Oettingen is a hunter — no, a marksman — on a mission. The man is a well-known bear hunter in his native Germany, but he obviously is far more than that.

The man can shoot a hog at a full run in the head between trees, cycle another round and tag another pig. And then do it again.

He’s a machine who never seems to miss. One scene in the video shows hogs almost stacked up along a shooting lane.

His weapon is a bolt-action rifle with a red-dot scope, and the vid includes slow-motion clips from different angles that shows just how accurate old Franz is.

So watch this for some inspiration, and then get to practicing. If you shoot like Franz you might actually put a dent in that marauding herd of hogs you so detest.

Andy Crawford
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