The Slam Talker brings big bucks in for a closer look

Produces most realistic deer vocalizations on the market

The new Slam Talker from Hunter’s Specialties produces the most realistic deer vocalizations on the market, from deep-tending buck grunts to estrus doe and fawn bleats.

It can also produce the snort/wheeze sound of a challenging buck.

The Slam Talker features a balanced reed design with a hardwood soundboard that won’t stick or freeze in cold weather. The patented fingertip control allows hunters to make calls ranging from a lost fawn to a mature buck by simply applying pressure to different areas of the soundboard.

To reproduce the snort/wheeze, simply blow through the open mouthpiece while closing off the end of the call with your hand.

It comes with an adjustable lanyard to allow hunters to wear it around their neck, or strap it to their arm for hands-free operation. It has a quiet exterior to prevent unwanted contact noise between the call and other objects.

The Slam Talker sells for a suggested retail price of $19.99. For more information, log onto the Hunter’s Specialties website here.