The Mineral Mizer Bag

If you think you don’t have the time or desire necessary to maintain a mineral lick for attracting deer, think again. The Mineral Mizer Bag keeps things simple… just “Hang it, Wet it, and Forget it” for a full year. Best of all, the deer love it and gain nourishment with every lick.

The Mineral Mizer Bag has your deer herd’s best interest at heart from fawn development to antler development to post rut recovery. Activated by moisture, the bag releases fresh minerals on the ground, providing a constant supply of nutrients to deer and other game winter, spring, summer and fall. If you don’t want the hassle of refilling and replacing your attractants during the season, then this is the right choice for you. The porous, UV-resistant, strong geotextile bag can withstand years of abuse without showing signs of wear or corrosion. Unlike many blocks that can be rooted and rolled away, the Mineral Mizer Bag is hog-proof, and you can hang it anywhere regardless of the terrain and soil.

Elevate your minerals for better value and better results. The Mineral Mizer Bag’s controlled, constant drip continually refreshes the ground lick from above. Deer find this mineral lick, as well as the built-in lick at the base of the bag, irresistible and will continue to return for more.

Purchase the Mineral Mizer Bag either pre-filled with one of the species-specific mixes or empty, ready to use with whichever dry, granular mix you prefer.

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