Target nuttall oaks for late-season success

Warrent Womack is always on the lookout for mast-bearing trees during deer season. Any seasoned deer hunter knows the affinity between whitetails and acorns during the fall and winter.

While hunting natural food sources might be overlooked as a prime location during the rut, Womack targets late-dropping nuttall trees that he said often produce until the latest stages of the rut in February.

A species native to Louisiana, nuttalls are often found in swampy areas where water oaks are abundant because the trees subsist well in poorly drained areas.

Due to nuttalls’ ability to survive in wet soils and hold acorns for such long periods, it is often used for bottomland hardwoods restorations.

Hunt a nuttall in the late season just as during the early bow season. And later in the year, when rains are more consistent, deer travel corridors can be seen better — offering the hunter a map of deer movement and making stand placement a cinch.

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Jonathan Olivier
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