Rage creates SS broadhead especially for women, youth hunters

Sweeping blade angle provides more penetration for low linetic-energy bows

Bowhunting has become extremely popular with women and kids, and Rage has created the SS broadhead specifically designed for shorter draw lengths and lighter draw weights.

With a 1 ½-inch cutting diameter, the Rage SS has the same cut-on-contact Instant-Cut leading edge blade as the Rage X-Treme, but it also incorporates a more sweeping blade angle to provide even more penetration for low kinetic energy bows.

The two-blade, 100-grain Rage SS also features surgically sharp .038 stainless steel blades, and has an in-flight diameter of 3/4-inch for field-tip-level accuracy.

Equipped with Rage’s proven Shock Collar blade retention system, the Rage SS ensures that your blades stay in place until they hit their target.

And the green ferrule makes the new Rage SS easily recognizable.

The new Rage SS will replace the Rage 40KE and will be available nationwide at retailers this spring for $44.99 for a three-pack with a practice head.

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