Parts of Area 9 in Atchafalaya Basin to reopen for deer hunters Saturday

Season still open for primitive firearms and archery, LDWF says

Deer season will reopen in parts of Deer Area 9 in the Atchafalaya Basin on Saturday (Jan. 30) when the Atchafalaya River gauge at Butte La Rose falls below 18 feet, according to a press release from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

The area encompasses Iberia, Iberville, St. Martin and St. Mary parishes south of I-10, west and east of the Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levees and north of U.S. 90.

The closure was necessitated when the flood gauge at Butte La Rose reached 18 feet on Jan. 9. The High Water Benchmark Closure, enacted by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission in Title 76, automatically closes that section of Deer Area 9 when the gauge hits the 18-foot mark.

Deer hunting season in Deer Area 9 is still open for primitive firearms and archery. Primitive firearms season comes to a close Sunday (Jan. 31) 30 minutes after sunset, and archery ends Feb. 15.

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